Heat Your Home More Efficiently

Heat Your Home More Efficiently

Get a new boiler installation in the Bronx & Pelham Manor, NY

Did you recently build a new home in the Bronx & Pelham Manor, NY? Are you looking to replace your heating system? Catalano Plumbing and Heating offers boiler installations to keep homes toasty during the winter months. Locals love boilers due to their energy efficiency and ability to heat their homes faster. Boilers provide more even heat, keeping your interior comfortable during the coldest days.

Connect with us today to learn more about a boiler installation for your home.

5 signs you need boiler repairs

Do you know what to look for regarding a malfunctioning boiler system? You may need boiler repairs if you notice:

  1. Rumbling or rattling sounds
  2. Odd smells, such as burning plastic or rotten eggs
  3. Inadequate heat throughout your home
  4. Higher energy bills
  5. Pooling water around your unit

Our technicians are available to troubleshoot and fix problems with your boiler. Call 718-931-8200 to schedule boiler repairs in the Bronx, NY. Maintenance packages are also available.